Five Star Textile is a comprehensive mill which manufactures suiting from yarn to finished products. In order to achieve and maintain high quality control and to retain strict focus on specialization, the production units have been decentralized into the following units:

  Pretreatment, Printing, Dyeing, Finishing, Stitching
 Design & Creation
Quality Control

Pretreatment, Printing, Dyeing, Finishing
The wet processing unit is equipped with a wide range of state of the art machines which gives Five Star Textile a flexible processing possibility and an edge over its competitors. Five Star Textile (Pvt) Ltd has its sophisticated rotary printing machine Capable of printing up to 21 colors on fabrics as wide as 320 cm.

Processing and Finishing Machinery
CAD/CAM System
Color Scanner
Dyeing Range
Embroidery Machine (20 head 9 color)
Laser Engraver
Rotary Printing including 21 color and up to 280 cm width
Singeing & Desizing
Washing and Drying Range
In the finishing section, modern stenters are fitted with the most sophisticated electronic weft straightness which achieves perfect finishes. Final touch to the fabrics is given on different calendars according to the requirements of the buyers.

Design & Creation
Five Star Textile design studio are highly trained staffed with experienced artists with capabilities to meet the most stringent requirements in design and to adapt to different colour ways to meet the requirements of each individual country.

Quality Control
Five Star Textile maintains strict quality control and possesses computerized testing for strength, density of cloth and fastness of colours. We also have a fully equipped lab. The quality control personnel conduct pre-inspection of goods at different stages to maintain international standards and to ensure customer satisfaction on a regular basis.